ADF File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .adf
Full Name ArcView ARC/INFO Coverage Data File
Type of Format Geospatial data format
Developed By ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute)
Main Usage Storing geographical information
File Structure Binary
Primary Application ArcGIS software suite
Supporting Operating Systems Windows, macOS
Open Standard No
MIME Type application/octet-stream
Multi-file Format Yes, part of a coverage
Compression Not natively supported
Geospatial Information Stored Vector data
Advantages Detailed geospatial modelling, widely supported in GIS applications
Limitations Complex format requiring specialized software, not suitable for web
Associated Files Info directory, various .adf files for spatial and attribute data
Contents of ADF File Can include topology, attribute tables, geographic features
Data Model Raster and vector
Interoperability Can be imported/exported by various GIS applications