M3D File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .m3d
Full Name DIALux 3D Object File
File Type 3D Model File
Primary Association 3D Graphics
Developed by DIAL GmbH
Usage Used by DIALux for 3D modeling of lighting setups
File Structure Binary
MIME Type application/octet-stream
Editable Yes, with DIALux or compatible software
Open Standard No
Encryption Not standard, but can be implemented in software
Compression Not inherently, depends on software implementation
3D Model Support Yes
Texturing Supports texture mapping for enhanced visual detailing
Lighting Effects Supports lighting effects for realistic rendering
Compatibility Primarily compatible with DIALux software
Programming API Support Limited, based on DIALux support
Support for Animation No inherent support for animation
Accessibility Access through DIALux and compatible third-party tools
File Size Variable, depending on the complexity of the 3D model
Advantages Specifically designed for lighting simulation in architectural spaces
Limitations Limited to use within the DIALux software ecosystem