SFC File Documentation


Feature Value
Format Name Super Nintendo Entertainment System ROM
File Extension .sfc
Alternative Extensions .smc
MIME Type application/x-snes-rom
Primary Association SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Games
Supported Systems Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Emulators
File Header Typically does not have a specific header
ROM Size Variable (from 256 Kbit to 48 Mbit)
Address Space 65C816 24-bit Addressing
Audio SPC700 Sound Chip Formats
Graphics Mode 7, Tile-based, Sprites
Multiplayer Support Yes (requires additional hardware or emulation features)
Save Feature SRAM, Battery backed-up
Region Lock Yes (Different lockout chips for different regions)
Lockout Defeat Common through modification or emulation
Controller Support SNES Gamepad, MultiTap (for multiplayer)
Special Chips Super FX, SA1, DSP, C4, and others for enhancing performance
Copy Protection Limited, mostly through physical means (cartridge shapes, lockout chips)
File Analysis Checksum verification for integrity
Emulation Widely supported across multiple platforms
Legal Status Copyrighted material, requires ownership for legal emulation
Utility Software ROM patchers, Emulators, ROM managers