WSF File Documentation


Feature Value
File Format WSF (Windows Script File)
File Extension .wsf
MIME Type application/xml
Developed by Microsoft
Primary Association Windows Scripting Host
Script Languages Supported VBScript, JScript
Can Contain Scripts, HTML, XML
Character Encoding UTF-8, UTF-16
Execution Environment Windows Script Host (WSH)
Security Risk Level High
Functionality Automation, Scripting tasks, Combining scripts
Can Include References to external files
Integration Windows Operating System
Accessibility Text editor, Windows Script Host
Execution Command cscript //Nologo example.wsf or wscript example.wsf
Can Interact With COM objects, File system, Network
Advantages Flexibility, Script combination, Windows integration
Limitations Windows dependent, Security issues
File Identification XML Declaration at the start of the file
Typical Usage System administration, Automated tasks