THM File Documentation

Files with the THM extension are miniature images generated by various digital cameras and video editing programs. THM format files show full-size images or graphics, but on a much smaller scale.

Files with the THM extension are often used on the Internet to present clipart, online galleries or in folders on hard drives. THM format files can be easily converted to more popular graphic formats such as JPG.

THM format files can be opened by programs such as ACD Systems ACDSee, Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer and others.


Feature Value
File Extension .thm
Primary Use Thumbnail for Video Files
File Type Image (JPEG)
Metadata Support Yes
Common Generating Devices Digital Cameras, Video Editing Software
Standard Image Dimensions Varies (Usually 160x120 or 640x480)
Compression Method Lossy (JPEG)
Color Depth 24-bit
Associated Video Formats AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.
Editable Yes (Limited)
Standalone Usability No (Requires Associated Video File)
Hex Signature FF D8 FF