CS File Documentation

CS format files store source code that was written in the C# programming language. The source code stored in files with the CS extension may be a full-fledged, simple computer program or an element of a larger application.

Files with the CS extension are saved as plain text files and can be opened and edited using a standard text editor, but it is recommended to use a dedicated application - Microsoft Visual Studio.

The C# programming language was created by Microsoft for Visual Studio applications, as a combination of C and C++ languages.


Feature Value
File Extension .cs
The standard file extension for C# source code files is .cs.
File Type Text-based
CS files are text-based, making them easily editable with any text editor.
Primary Use Software Development
The primary use of CS files is for software development within the .NET ecosystem.
Encoding UTF-8, UTF-16, ASCII
CS files can be encoded in various formats including UTF-8, UTF-16, and ASCII.
Associated IDEs Visual Studio, Rider, Visual Studio Code
Common IDEs for working with CS files include Visual Studio, Rider, and Visual Studio Code.
Object-Oriented Yes
CS files support Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigms.
Asynchronous Programming Supported
Asynchronous programming is supported in CS files, allowing for non-blocking operations.
LINQ Support Yes
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is supported for data manipulation and querying.
Namespaces Supported
Namespaces are used in CS files for organizing code and avoiding naming conflicts.
Comments // for single line, /* */ for multi-line
Comments in CS files can be single-line (//) or multi-line (/* */).