E57 File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .e57
Full Name LIDAR Point Cloud Data File
Type 3D Point Cloud Data
Format Binary
Developed By ASTM International
Based On XML for metadata, binary for point data
Primary Use Storage of 3D point cloud data from LIDAR surveys
Compression None, but can hold compressed point data
Standard E57 standard for 3D imaging data exchange
MIME Type application/octet-stream
Open Format? Yes
Supports Metadata? Yes
Supports Multiple Point Clouds? Yes
Supports Intensity Data? Yes
Supports Color Data? Yes
Support for High Dynamic Range Images? Yes
Platform Independence? Yes
Accessibility Open source libraries available for processing and converting
Typical File Size Varies with scanning detail and area covered
Scalability Can handle large scale environments with millions of points
Applications Archaeology, Forestry, Mining, Urban Planning