LDIF File Documentation


Feature Value
Format Type Text-based data format
Primary Use Exchange and update of directory information
Standardization RFC 2849
Encoding UTF-8
MIME Type text/plain
Extension .ldif
Content Structure Records composed of attributes
Record Delimiter Blank line
Line Format Attribute: value
DN (Distinguished Name) Unique identifier of an entry
Attribute Value Encoding Base64 for non-ASCII values
Comments Lines starting with #
Version Specifier First line can specify LDIF version
Change Types Supported Add, Delete, Modify, ModDN (Modify DN)
Use in LDAP Operations Import, Export, Modify directory entries
Binary Data Representation Specified with '::'
URL Attribute Value Specified with ':<'
Folded Lines Lines can be continued with a space on the next line
Entry Modification Indicator Lines starting with "changetype:"