YML File Documentation

Files with the YML extension allow you to save and read specific data without taking into account the correct grammar of the programming language. YML format files are used for various types of scripts and source codes that were created in the data serialization standard. The data contained in files with the YAML extension is completely human-readable.

YML format files are supported by most common text editors. The YAML format stands for YAML Ain't Markup Lanugage and is closely related to programming languages such as C, Python, Perl and XML.


Feature Value
File Extension .yml or .yaml
Full Form YAML Ain't Markup Language
MIME Type text/yaml
Primary Purpose Data Serialization
Human Readable Yes
Structure Hierarchical, based on indentation
Scalar Data Types Strings, Numbers (Integers, Floats), Booleans
Composite Data Types Lists, Dictionaries
Key-Value Pair Separator Colon ( : )
List Item Prefix Hyphen ( - )
Support for Comments Yes, using the '#' symbol
Special Characters Colon, Hyphen, Hash, etc.
Encoding UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32