PY File Documentation

Files in the PY format are files of a specific program or script written in the Python programming language. Files with the PY extension can be edited and opened using a text editor, but in order to understand the data contained therein, a Python interpreter is required.

The Python programming language was designed in the 1980s. The primary goal of this language was simplicity of reading and implementation. Python is used, among others, by the Blender program.


Feature Value
File Extension .py
File Type Python Script
MIME Type text/x-python
Developer Python Software Foundation
Primary Language Python
Human-Readable Yes
Platform Cross-platform
Syntax Highlighting Support Available in most IDEs & text editors
Execution Interpreted
Associated Programs Python Interpreter, PyCharm, IDLE, Jupyter Notebook, etc.
Standard Encoding UTF-8
Indentation Crucial for block structures
Paradigms Supported Procedural, Object-Oriented, Functional