WMA File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .wma
Developed By Microsoft
Initial Release 1999
Compression Type Lossy, can also support lossless
Container For Windows Media Audio and Video files
Associated Programs Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, RealPlayer
MIME Type audio/x-ms-wma
Supported Audio Channels Mono, Stereo, Multichannel
Quality Variable, depends on bitrate
Bitrate Range 48 to 192 Kbps (standard), up to 768 Kbps (lossless)
Sample Rate 8 kHz to 48 kHz
DRM Support Yes, through Windows Media DRM
Pros Good compression and file size reduction
Cons Proprietary format, less supported on non-Windows platforms
Main Use Streaming and music downloads
Supported by Devices Most Windows-based PCs and some portable media players
Audio Codec Windows Media Audio codec
License Proprietary
Metadata Support Yes, supports various metadata
Popularity Was popular in early 2000s, lesser so with availability of other formats