LOCK File Documentation

Files with the LOCK extension are used by the NET Framework programming platform. Files in the LOCK format block access to an already open database by other users. If a given user opens a specific database, a LOCK file is generated to prevent other users from accessing the database at the same time.

Files with the LOCK extension prevent any changes from being made when the database is already being edited by another user.


Feature Value
File Extension .lock
MIME Type application/lock
Primary Purpose Resource Locking
Typical Size 0 bytes - few KBs
Content Type Plain text (possible JSON or XML structure)
Associated Resources Files or directories with corresponding names
Creation Mechanism Automatically by software or manually by user
Duration of Existence Temporary (During locked state)
Common Software Text editors, Database Management Systems, File Systems
Security Risks Potential for Denial of Service attacks
Metadata User IDs, Timestamps, Process IDs (varies by application)
Standard Specifications Varies by software application