SVE File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .sve
MIME Type application/octet-stream
File Type Simutrans Saved Game
Developer The Simutrans Team
Binary Format Yes
Compression Optional, zlib
Encryption No
Game Data Stored Maps, vehicles, stations, goods, schedules
Main Usage Saving game progress in Simutrans
Editable With specific tools or Simutrans Debugger
Multiplayer Compatibility Yes
Operating System Windows, Linux, Mac
Version Control Within Simutrans, version dependent
File Size Varies, typically from few MBs to over 100 MB for large maps
Character Encoding NA
Supported Languages Dependent on the Simutrans installation
Platform PC (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
GUI Support Through Simutrans Game
Scripting Can be extended with Simutrans MakeObj for custom content
API Support No
Legacy Compatibility Yes, with older versions of Simutrans with some limitations