LDB File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .ldb
Description Microsoft Access Record-Locking Information
Function Used to indicate that a database is in use and which records are locked
Generated by Microsoft Access upon database opening
Deleted when Automatically removed when the last user closes the database
Locking Type Record-level and page-level locking
Multi-user environment support Yes
File Location Same directory as the database file (.mdb or .accdb)
Can be opened manually No
Can be edited manually No
Encryption None
Interoperability Specific to Microsoft Access
Typical file size Variable; depends on the number of locks
MIME Type application/octet-stream
Format Type Binary
Recoverable No, not needed as it's a temporary file
Manual creation possible No
Manual deletion recommended No, could cause data corruption
Indication of Corruption Does not delete automatically if Access crashes
Security Risks None directly, but indicates a database in use
Common Issues May not delete on unexpected database closure, causing access issues