DST File Documentation

Files with the DST extension store a drawing sheet created in AutoCAD. Sheets stored in DST format files typically contain layouts of drawings extracted from multiple drawing files.

Sheet set files can be generated using ArCAD Set Manager.

DST format files are also used by embroidery machines and the software that supports them, in which case they store sewing instructions for the embroidery machine - trimming, stopping, jumping and label metadata.


Feature Value
File Extension .dst
File Type Binary
Developer Tajima Industries
Primary Use Machine Embroidery
Color Information Not inherent; relies on external color charts
Common Fields ST, JUMP, C
Scalability Not supported natively
Editing Software Specialized embroidery software
Byte Size for Commands Typically 3 bytes per instruction
Typical Commands Stitch type, position data, color change, etc.
Supported by Most industrial embroidery machines
Conversion Tools Available for other formats like PES, EXP