LXF File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .lxf
Primary Association LEGO Digital Designer Model File
Developed By The LEGO Group
File Type 3D model file
Format Type Binary
MIME Type application/x-lego-lxf
Editable Yes, with LEGO Digital Designer or third-party tools
Compression Yes, ZIP-based compression
Content Type 3D models, bricks configuration, building instructions
Used For Designing and saving LEGO models virtually
Encryption No
Accessibility Can be viewed with compatible software
Popularity High among LEGO enthusiasts and digital modelers
Software Support LEGO Digital Designer, BrickLink Studio, LDraw-based tools
Operating Systems Windows, macOS
Advantages Free to use, wide software support, detailed modeling
Limitations Discontinued support from LEGO, limited updated parts library
File Structure XML for metadata, binary for model data
Interoperability Can be converted to other 3D model formats
Open Standard No
Custom Elements Support Limited to available LEGO parts and colors