RWZ File Documentation


Feature Value
File Format Outlook Rules Wizard File (.rwz)
MIME Type application/
Primary Association Microsoft Outlook
File Extension .rwz
File Classification Email rules configuration
Used By Microsoft Outlook 97 to 2019
Editable No, binary format
Accessibility Accessible through Outlook's "Manage Rules & Alerts"
Encryption Not encrypted by default
Main Purpose Storing user-defined email rules
Backup Importance Critical for preserving email organization settings
Portability Can be transferred between Outlook installations
Structure Binary
Compatibility Limited to Microsoft Outlook; not universally supported
Version-Specific Yes, RWZ files may not be compatible across all versions
Creation Method Automatically created by Outlook upon rule setup
Manual Editing Not recommended; may corrupt the file
Recovery Possible via Outlook or third-party tools
File Paths Example C:Users[UserName]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftOutlook
Size Varies with the number and complexity of rules