XPS File Documentation

XPS format files are documents that store information about the layout of a given page written in the XPS language. Files with the XPS extension contain information about the appearance and layout of the page and can be used to save, view or share documents.

Files with the XPS extension can be signed using the XPS Viewer program and thus block the possibility of re-editing by third parties.

The XPS file format is a Microsoft proprietary format.


Feature Value
File Extension .xps
MIME Type application/vnd.ms-xpsdocument
Developer Microsoft
Initial Release 2006 (with Windows Vista)
Type of Format Document, Electronic Paper
Based On XML, XAML
Compression ZIP
Open Format Yes
Print-Ready Yes
Device Independence Yes
Embedding Capabilities Fonts, Images, and other resources
Fixed Layout Yes
Integrated with Windows OS
Supports Digital Signatures Yes