MDB File Documentation

Files with the MDB extension are database files and contain data such as the structure of a specific database or its entries, and enable the creation of forms, queries, procedures and other processes related to the database. Files in the MDB format are created by Microsoft Database applications.

It is possible to export files with the MDB extension to the ACCDB format, which is used by newer versions of Microsoft Access. MDB format files can be opened and edited using programs such as Microsoft Visual Studio, SoftMaker Office or the previously mentioned applications.


Feature / ParameterDescription / Value
Full NameMicrosoft Access Database
File Extension.mdb
MIME Typeapplication/
VersionDepends on MS Access version (e.g., Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2002, etc.)
Maximum File Size2 GB for most versions
Supported Data TypesText, number, date/time, currency, auto-number, image, OLE, hyperlink, and more
Security FeaturesPassword protection capability; older versions might not be as secure as newer formats like ACCDB
CompressionNo built-in compression for most versions
Support for RelationshipsHandles table relationships and referential integrity
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) SupportYes; allows VBA code to automate and extend functionality
Macro SupportYes
SQL Query SupportYes, including action, select, parameter, crosstab queries, etc.
Indexing SupportYes, supports primary keys, unique indexes, and others
Import/Export CapabilitiesCan import/export to various formats like Excel, CSV, XML, and more
Multi-user SupportConcurrent access by multiple users with proper setup
Backup and RestoreProvides built-in backup and restore options