FOTA File Documentation


Feature Value
Definition Firmware Over-the-Air update file
Primary Use Wirelessly updating firmware on devices
Transmission Method Wireless networks (Wi-Fi, cellular)
File Size Limitations Dependent on device and network
Compression Often compressed to reduce file size
Security Encryption and digital signatures
MIME Type application/octet-stream
File Extension .fota
Update Mechanism Incremental or complete replacement
Compatibility Dependent on device and firmware version
Version Control Managed by firmware servers and device
Rollback Capability Varies by device manufacturer
Update Package Structure Binary data, metadata, and instructions
Delivery Method Push notification or manual download
Integration with Hardware May require specific chipsets or modules
Network Requirements Stable internet connection
Charging Requirements Often requires a minimum battery level
User Interaction Varies from automated to manual initiation
Update Notification Device or software prompts user
Impact on Device Use Device may be unusable during update