CVR File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .cvr
Full Name Microsoft Crash Report File
MIME Type application/
File Type Binary
Primary Association Crash Reports
Created By Microsoft Windows
Used By Windows Error Reporting (WER)
Function Stores information about software crashes
Contains Error data, Memory dumps, Application state
Security May contain sensitive information
Encryption Can be encrypted for transmission
Accessibility Not meant for direct user access or editing
Generated By Application failures or Operating System crashes
Typical Location %LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftWindowsWERReportArchive
Automatically Sent Can be configured to send reports automatically to Microsoft
User Prompt Can prompt user for a decision to send the crash report
Analysis Used for debugging and improving software reliability
Storage Duration Can be automatically deleted after a specific period or upon successful transmission
File Size Varies, dependent on the crash complexity
Signature Files might contain digital signatures to verify authenticity
Editing Not designed for editing