CRTX File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .crtx
Full Name Office 2007 Chart Template File
Primary Application Microsoft Office 2007 and later versions
File Type XML
Usage Stores customized chart templates
Compatibility Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
Containment XML data defining chart styles and formats
Editable Yes, with supporting Microsoft Office applications
Reusable Yes
File Creation Through "Save as Template" feature in chart tools
MIME Type application/
Advantage Allows saving and reusing custom chart formats
File Structure Zip-compressed package containing XML and other related files
Security Can contain macros; potential risk if from untrusted sources
Size Varies, typically small (KB range)
Portability High, within Microsoft Office applications
Encryption Support Yes, through Microsoft Office's built-in features
Primary Use Case Sharing and applying consistent chart designs across documents
File Association Automatically associated with Microsoft Office applications
Developer Microsoft