IDML File Documentation


Feature Value
File Format IDML (Adobe InDesign Markup Language File)
MIME Type application/vnd.adobe.indesign-idml-package
Extension .idml
Developed by Adobe Systems
File Type Page Layout File
XML Based Yes
Package Format ZIP
Used for Designing, Publishing
Editable in Adobe InDesign
Interoperability High with other Adobe applications
Text Elements Stored as Unicode
Graphics Supports vector and raster graphics
Styles Paragraph, Character, Object, Table, and Cell styles supported
Layers Supports multiple layers and layer folders
Interactive Elements Supports hyperlinks, bookmarks, buttons, etc.
Structured Format Allows for automation via scripting
Compatibility Compatible with several versions of Adobe InDesign
Reusability Templates and master pages supported
File Composition Comprises XML for layout and design, and binary assets
Accessibility Supports tagging for accessibility