PUP File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .PUP
Description PlayStation 3 Update File
Primary Use System software updates for the PlayStation 3
File Format Type Binary
MIME Type application/x-psp2-updatelist
Developer Sony
Signature 0x53434555 ('SCEU' in ASCII)
Encryption Yes, specific segments
Compression Yes, specific segments
File Size Limit Varies with update content
Update Types Software patches, System upgrades, Security improvements
System Requirement PlayStation 3 console
Creation Tool Sony's proprietary tools
Installation Method Via USB storage, CD/DVD, or Network Download
Distribution Official PlayStation website, Physical media
Integrity Verification MD5, SHA-1 Checksums
File Naming Convention Usually named as PS3UPDAT.PUP
Compatible Firmware Specified in file meta
Accessibility Restricted to PlayStation 3 consoles or specific software
Folder Location for Update /PS3/UPDATE/
Special Notes Can restore system to factory settings if needed