SCR File Documentation

Files with the SCR extension are used by Windows and contain system screen saver files. SCR format files are launched automatically according to the screen saver settings in the control panel.

Files containing the SCR format are executable files and can display specific graphics, animations, sound effects or slide shows. The SCR file type is used to configure the screen saver and includes options such as password protection or activating the screen saver after a specified period of inactivity.

Files with the SCR extension are usually stored in the Windows root directory. You should not interfere with the content of SCR format files, as these files do not contain any information that can be read by humans.


Feature Value
File Extension .SCR
Full Name Windows Screen Saver
File Type Executable
Primary Use Displaying visuals when computer is idle
Origin Windows Operating System
MIME Type application/x-msdownload
Binary Format Yes
Potential for Interactivity Yes (e.g., settings adjustments, embedded games)
Customizability High (with appropriate tools/software)
Associated Programs Windows OS, Various third-party screensaver tools
Security Concerns Can contain executable code (potential for malware)
Historical Use Protection against screen burn-in on CRT and plasma monitors