GLB File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .glb
File Type Binary
MIME Type model/gltf-binary
Originating Organization Khronos Group
Base Format GLTF (GL Transmission Format)
Compression Techniques Draco Compression, KTX Textures
Header Components Version, Length of File
Chunk Types JSON, BIN
Embedding Capabilities Textures, HDR mappings, Binary Mesh Data
JSON Structure Scenes, Nodes, Cameras, Meshes, Materials
Web Rendering Supported by WebGL and WebXR
Applications 3D Visualizations, VR, AR, Design Prototyping
Integrated Tools Blender, glTF-Pipeline, Three.js, Babylon.js
Animation Support Yes (Skeleton-based and morph target)
Materials PBR (Physically Based Rendering)
Texture Formats JPEG, PNG, KTX
Supported by Facebook, Microsoft's 3D Viewer, Google's Model Viewer, and many more