DNF File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .dnf
Full Form Duke Nukem Forever Map File
Developer 3D Realms / Gearbox Software
File Type Game Map File
MIME Type application/octet-stream
Primary Usage Storing map layouts for levels in the game Duke Nukem Forever
Editorial Application Duke Nukem Forever Editor (unofficial)
Content Type Binary
Editable Yes, with specific tools
Compression Usually not compressed natively
Encryption Not typically encrypted
File Association Duke Nukem Forever game
Platform PC
Binary Format Yes
Compatibility Developed specifically for Duke Nukem Forever; not compatible with other software without conversion
Pros Allows for custom game levels
Cons Limited editing tools; requires game-specific knowledge to create or modify
Location of Maps Depends on game installation directory
File Signature Not publicly documented
Open-source Editor No official open-source editor
Community Support Limited; primarily historical interest