JAD File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .jad
Full Name Java Application Descriptor File
Primary Use To describe the contents and other details of a MIDlet (mobile application).
MIME Type text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor
Specification Format Plain Text
Developed By Sun Microsystems
Used For Installation and distribution of MIDlet (Java ME applications)
Structure Key-value pairs
Character Encoding ASCII
Accessibility Can be opened and edited with text editors
Key Elements MIDlet-Name, MIDlet-Version, MIDlet-Vendor, MIDlet-Jar-URL, MIDlet-Jar-Size
Security Can include permissions for API use
Distribution Can be downloaded and installed on compatible devices
Compatibility Java ME enabled devices
File Association Typically associated with a .jar file (Java Archive) that contains the application code
Importance in Development Essential for mobile Java application deployment and lifecycle management
Configuration Flexibility Allows for detailed configuration of application properties
Relevance Most relevant during the peak of Java ME's popularity for mobile devices
Deprecation Less used with the decline of Java ME platform
Modification Easy to modify for application updates or configuration changes
Example Key Pair MIDlet-Name: HelloWorld