MBZ File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .mbz
Full Name Moodle Backup Zip File
Primary Usage Game emulation and educational backup
Associated Applications Pogoshell NES Emulator Plugin, Moodle
Type of Format Backup, Archive, Emulator Plugin
MIME Type application/vnd.moodle.backup
Binary/Text Binary
Compression Yes, ZIP-based
Encryption Optional
Multi-Platform Yes (platform-independent)
Open Format Yes
Developer Martin Dougiamas and Moodle Community
Release Date Initial release of Moodle in 2002
File Header Signature N/A specifically for .mbz
Interoperability High with Moodle environments
Purpose To backup and restore Moodle courses, also used in gaming emulation
Directory Structure Stored Yes
Usability User-friendly with Moodle, technical for emulator plugins
Modification Can be modified using zip tools and Moodle interface
Security Features Encryption option, permission-based access in Moodle