MXF File Documentation


Feature Value
Format Name Material Exchange Format (MXF)
MIME Type application/mxf
File Extension .mxf
Developed by SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)
Container for Audio, Video, and Program Data
Standard SMPTE 377M
Compression Supports various compression formats
Metadata Support Yes
Usage Professional Video and Audio Production
Audio Support Multiple audio format support
Video Support Multiple video format support
Multi-Track Support Yes
Editability Frame-accurate editing
Essence Container Encapsulates video/audio streams
Operational Pattern Defines file layout (e.g., OP1a, OP-Atom)
Timecode Support Yes
Subtitles/Captioning Support Yes
Color Model Support Supports various color models (e.g., RGB, YCbCr)
Wrapper Format Allows combination of different streams into one file
Accessibility Designed for easy exchange between different systems and platforms
File Size Can be very large, depending on content and compression