EPK File Documentation


Feature Value
File Extension .epk
File Type Metin2 Game Data Package
MIME Type application/octet-stream
Encryption Yes, specific to Metin2
Compression Yes, proprietary format
Used By Metin2 Game Client
Primary Function Storage of game assets (textures, models, maps, etc.)
Editable Yes, with specific tools
File Structure Binary
Archive Format Yes, contains multiple files within
Platform Dependency Windows (specific to Metin2 game client)
Access Type Read-only (Requires specific tools to edit/modify)
Security Uses checksums and encryption for integrity and protection
File Size Variable, depending on the game content
File Identification Specific header signature in binary
Encoding Binary, with proprietary encoding for assets
Accessibility Only accessible via Metin2 client or specific unpacking tools
Modification Tools Specific third-party tools required for modification
Popularity Used exclusively by the Metin2 community and developers
Documentation Limited, mostly community-generated