BMP File Documentation

Files with the BMP extension are uncompressed raster image files that consist of a grid of pixels. BMP format files contain a header informing about the size of the file and image dimensions. Files with the BMP extension are typically used to store 2D digital images, which may be color or monochrome.

BMP format files are supported by most graphics programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, XnViewMP or CorelDRAW. You can also use the Opera web browser or Google Drive to open files with the BMP extension.


Feature Value
File Extension .bmp
MIME Type image/bmp
Developed by Microsoft
Type of Format Raster Graphics
Compression None, RLE (Run-Length Encoding)
Maximum Color Depth 32-bit
Alpha Channel Support Yes (in 32-bit format)
Maximum Image Dimensions Depends on the application (commonly 65,535 x 65,535 pixels)
Lossless Yes
Main Usage Graphics, Icons, Wallpapers
Metadata Support Yes
Open Format No
File Signature 42 4D
Color Palettes Monochrome to 16.7 million colors
Standard Structure BMP Header, DIB Header, Color Palette, Pixel Data
Transparency Supported through alpha channels
Popularity Widely used in early Windows systems, less common now due to larger file sizes