SPV File Documentation


Feature Value
Format Name SPSS Output Document
File Extension .spv
MIME Type application/x-spss-spv
Developer IBM
File Type Output file
Primary Association SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)
Content Type Statistical data and metadata
Encryption Possible, depending on software version and user settings
Compression Not natively supported
Can Contain Scripts Yes, for automation purpose
Openable with IBM SPSS Statistics, compatible software
Binary Yes
Character Set Dependent on system and settings
Editable Yes, with proper software
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS
Version Control By filename or internal metadata, depending on workflow
File Purpose Displaying output of analyses performed in SPSS
Data Storage Model Hierarchical, structured data storage
Typical Usage Academic research, Government statistics, Market research
Unique Features Ability to store both output tables, graphical statistics, and SPSS syntax commands
Backward Compatibility Varies with SPSS version